Spay/Neuter Aftercare Instructions

Your pet has undergone major surgery and anesthesia. Additionally, your pet has been sedated to lessen pain following surgery. Because of this your pet’s behavior may be slightly altered for the next 24 hours.  For example, your pet may be glassy-eyed, wobbly, shivering, sleepy, nauseous, and irritable.

Listed below are a few helpful tips to make your pet’s recovery easier for both of you:

1. Keep your pet quiet for 5 days following surgery - leash walks only.

2. Discourage exercise for the next 5 days, especially with dogs.  Normal exercise should be encouraged following this time period.

3  Allow your pet to drink only small amounts of water for the next 12 hours.  Offer a  small amount of food this evening.  Your pet will feel nauseous.  Do not be concerned if he/she does not eat during the next 24-48 hours.

4.  DO NOT allow your pet to lick, scratch, or chew it’s incision.  Use an Elizabethan Collar for 10-14 days as necessary.  Collars are available at most pet stores.

5.  We usually use absorbable suture so your pet won’t have to return to the clinic. We will inform you if a return visit is needed for suture removal.

6.  EXPECT SWELLING or a hard lump at the incision site.  This is a normal reaction to the absorbable suture material.  Swelling will disappear in 2 weeks. If any bleeding or discharge from the incision occurs, please call the clinic for instructions.

7.  Keep the incision dry for 2 weeks after surgery.  NO BATHING OR  SWIMMING.   Do not use alcohol or peroxide to clean the incision.

8.   We use a skin adhesive which may cause a blue or green coloring at the incision site.

9.   DO NOT give your pet aspirin or Tylenol.  It can be toxic or fatal.  Pain medication is available, if needed, by prescription only.